Calendar +

Calendar+ is a module of CCal and a supplementary app for Apple's Calendar app to help you more easily create a new event.

✔ Quick start: Start typing event title immediately after opening the app.

✔ Quickly choose title from preset.

✔ Default alarms

✔ Plenty of customize options

Calendar +


It's useful to put Calendar+ icon next to Calendar app. When you want to add a new event, tap Calendar+ icon.

When you open the app this screen appears. The new event is automatically created and ready for you to type.

Tap Bookmark button to show Shortcut menu to easily select from your preferred frequently used words.

Add to and edit your Shortcuts.

When choosing a date...

It's easy to choose Date because events and reminders are visible in the calendar.

Swipe screen upwards to expand.



Calendar+ has scroll view like in CCal. Scroll without month border.


Enter time easily using ten-key. For example, type 550 pm for event 5:50pm.

Arrange time easily by comparing with other events.

Wheel also available if you prefer.

Same for Duration of event. For example, tap 1, hour/minute, 30 for duration 1:30. You don't have to calculate end time by adding 1:30 to start time.

When switching input date to time, you can tap button on top of the screen. Alternatively, swipe bottom part to navigate between date / time / duration / end time (requires changing settings)



Time Zone supported.

Landscape orientation friendly.

You can create a more complicated Repeat Event which you cannot create using iPhone's Calendar app.^


^ Due of iOS bug, complicated Yearly Event cannot be displayed on iOS. For example, you can create and register "Last Sundays in January and February, every year", however, iOS cannot display them.

Tap "Save" button when finished. Your new event is saved to Calendar app. 

Now new entry is ready for you to input.


In Settings section in the app… For full options, please refer to the PDF file at the bottom of this page.

Choose any Day as the first day of your week.

Customize background color...

For example, you can change Sunday color as you like.

In Calendar section, choose which calendar you want to use as Default Calendar and Default Alarm.

By setting the Default Alarm, a new event is created with the alarm.

Also you can change background color...

This changes the background color of a cell which has an event from a particular calendar.

You can change calendar color to any color. Not just pre-defined system colors.

You can customize what you want to input first to start inputting quickly when you open this app. If you frequently use a particular event title, it may be useful to choose Title Shortcut as a start page.

There are plenty of aesthetic options for users preferences.

Default Duration is customizable.  A new event is created with this duration.

You can hide sections you don't usually use.

Screen Map

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Calendar +

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