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FastFinga 3 ... includes Sketch Pad 3 with all it’s features

FastFinga is a fantastic, fast and easy handwriting application for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

This #1 selling app has evolved since its creation and continues to get better with each update.

FastFinga 3 includes our other very popular Sketch Pad 3 app so you can now choose to create FastFinga documents or SketchPad documents.

★ SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS and IDEAS... FastFinga's amazing inking enables you to…

  • Make fast hand-written notes
  • Send personalized emails in YOUR handwriting
  • Create hand-written Tweets
  • Post hand-written notes direct to Evernote, Twitter and Dropbox


  • Choose a pen size and color and write a word on the screen
  • Use Cut and Paste to reorganize document.


  • 3 pen size
  • 4 pen color palette allowing unlimited customization.
  • Easy eraser
  • Undoable pen strokes
  • Undoable editing
  • Cut & paste
  • Fast and simple inserting of photos
  • Fast and fun inserting of emojis
  • Customizable button locations
  • Customizable background colors
  • Customizable Fonts
  • Choose left-to-right/right-to-left directions setting for each document depending on your language preference
  • Organize by folders.


  • Universal binary… works on both iPad and iPhone.
  • Built-in emoji keyboard.
  • Keyboard for inserting typed text.
  • Quick number and special character popup keys above keyboard. You can quickly insert special characters.
  • Special character popup keys is customizable.
  • Customizable font… more than 40 font families, or install your favorite font via iTunes.
  • Compatible with left-to-right and right-to-left writing direction.
  • Insert handwritten note
  • Handwriting pad contains palm-rest in iPad version which prevents unwanted smudging. … suitable for both left-handed and right-handed.
  • Tap enter to insert handwritten word into document, or enable automatic inserting.
  • Handwriting pad is customizable for your preferred writing size.
  • Insert checkbox
  • Insert "Quote" … you can quickly copy frequently used sentences such as email template.
  • Insert alarm
  • Insert voice note (mp3, both in a note and as a separate file)
  • Insert time stamp … in customizable format
  • Insert photo (both in a note and as a separate file)
  • Insert Sketch Pad (both in a note and as a separate file)
  • Landscape and portrait compatible both on iPad and iPhone version.
  • Create standard note with styled text, plain-text, Sketch Pad, voice note, and photo.
  • Export note to printer, other apps including "Photos" app, Evernote, Twitter, Google docs, Google Picasa web, Dropbox.
  • Pre-set email recipients.
  • Synchronization with Dropbox … sync in both directions.
  • Import files from Dropbox.
  • Voice recorder can record MP3.
  • Built in photo browser for jpeg and png files.
  • Built in movie browser for videos.
  • Search by contents and filename.
  • Selectable from thumbnail style browser and list style browser.
  • Rocket start for note… customizable so the app creates new blank note when opened.

** Sketch Pad features **

  • Unlimited canvas size
  • Trackpad for easy scrolling
  • Detach and position tool-bar where you want
  • Customizable grid lines
  • Customizable background color
  • Smooth line with rounded ends
  • Organizing document folders
  • Export to Twitter, Evernote, Google docs, Picasa, Dropbox, printer, other apps, email, photo library and Mac.
  • Flag a sketch or note
  • Assign Alarm to a sketch or note
  • Palm Rest (ideal for stylus users)... Fully adjustable for either right-handed or left-handed users (iPad only)
  • Two finger scrolling in writing mode
  • Zooming in/out by double tapping in browse mode
  • Zooming by pinching gesture can also be selectable

With Love by Tony on the Moon

FastFinga 3

includes Sketch Pad 3 with all its features

Sketch Pad 3

Free to download

FastFinga Viewer for Mac with OS X 10.7

FF Converter for Mac

For converting FastFinga 2 to FastFinga 3...

FF Converter for iPhone/iPod touch

For converting FastFinga 2 to FastFinga 3
Works on iPad in simulation mode